E&R Machine Inc. opened for business on April 1, 1961 under the ownershop of Eugene Sauls and Robert Lindke. For over 55 years, E&R Machine has been providing quality products at exceedinly high standards.
The company's first place of business was a small 900 Sq Ft. building in Lockport, New York. Although 1961 was a slow business year, the company had steady growth. Through an extensive sales effort, contracts were secured with such companies as Harrison Radiator, Division of General Motors, Consolidated Packing Machinery Corporation, Division of International Paper, and many smaller companies.

By 1963 E & R's business had grown too large for the small building it was located in. A 5,000 Sq Ft. of floor area was rented in Gasport, New York at 4444 Prospect Street. With the additional space and a few more machines, its employment went from five to ten people. Contracts for the manufacture of aircraft engine piston pins were secured which increased business.

Around 1965 we at E & R Machine set our goals to become a manufacturer for our customers rather than just getting their surplus. In 1966 E & R was successful in securing a Parts Manufacturing Authority from the Federal Aviation Authority. Upon receiving this, we became manufacturers of replacement brake drums for aircraft. We had only two competitors in the world on the brake drums and they were sold through our brokers in New Jersey, Florida, California and all over the world. We also became the sole manufacturer of fire extinguisher valve bodies for Power Pack Corporation.

Around 1967, due to the growth of our business, E & R rented another 5,000 Sq Ft., bringing its total to 10,000 Sq Ft. With the additional space, E & R became a manufacturer for a company in the quick change punch industry and a food machinery business. In 1970, the 10,000 Sq Ft. building that had been rented was purchased by E & R.

Late in 1971 we contacted S.A.Corp., a Buffalo, New York based company in the firearms business. S.A.Corp. at this time had been in business about three years and was having trouble manufacturing their products. Through negotiations with their company, E & R became the licensed manufacturer of their products. E & R set up a second plant at 4436 Prospect Street, Gasport, New York to handle the manufacture of firearms for S.A.Corp. in 1972. In December 1973, E & R purchased all the stock of S.A.Corp. making S.A.Corp. a wholly owned subsidiary of E & R. The corporate offices, engineering and marketing were moved to 4436 Prospect Street, Gasport, New York at this time.

The acquisition of S.A.Corp. improved our position in sales and marketing because the products are sold in 50 states and in the future, possibly in some foreign countries. It also gave us our own products which have a history of selling well even when the country's economy goes up and down. With this product line, we have the opportuniy of unlimited growth and profits.

In April 1975, E & R Machine, Inc. bought the 50% ownership of Robert Lindke and retired the stock. At this time Eugene E. Sauls, President, became President and Treasurer and the only stockholder.

In November 1977, the city garage at 211 Grand Street, Lockport, New York was purchased by S.A.Corp. from the City of Lockport. 

In April 1978 both E & R Machine, Inc. and S.A.Corp. were moved from Gasport, New York to the new facility in Lockport. E & R Machine, Inc. sold the building in Gasport, New York. Due to bigger and better facilities, E & R Machine and S.A.Corp. sales grew a fast pace and in 1982 a new 12,000 Sq Ft. addition was added and employment increased to 110 people in S.A.Corp. and 32 people in E & R Machine. 

At the end of 1983, S.A.Corp. was closed and liquidated due to economy, poor sales and an increase in product liability that made it impossible to be profitable.

In 1984, Industrial Assembly & Mfg Inc. was incorporated by Garry Sauls and it became the manufacturer and assembly of Enidine, Inc. shock absorbers for Enidine's industrial line of shock absorbers. Industrial Assembly grew to approximately 70 employees. Along with the business in Industrial Assembly, E & R Machine manufactured a large volume of parts for Industrial Assembly and for Enidine's aerospace division in Orchard Park.

In 1989, a 6,000 Sq Ft. addition was added on the east end of the building for shipping, receiving and warehouse. This brought the total square feet of the building to 40,000 Sq Ft. of which E & R Machine uses approximately 32,000 Sq Ft.

In 1990, E & R Machine Inc. became the manufacturer of various length Hydraulic cylinders for Delevan Industries, Inc, a division of Ryder Trucking for use on new car carrier. We machined all the parts in house, assembled them, and 100% tested each one before shipping. Due to decisions made at headquarters of Ryder in Detroit, we lost the business in September 1992.

In 1991, the shock absorber business grew so big that Enidine, Inc. decided to build an additional 45,000 Sq Ft. on their Orchard Park facility and move their Industrial Division home.

In January 1992, E & R Machine, Inc. was sold by the President, Eugene Sauls to his son, Garry Sauls. Eugene Sauls became Vice-President and continued to work for the company.

E & R Machine has many long standing customers, but is always looking for new customers and products to manufacture.

In May 2001 E & R Machine celebrated its 40th Anniversary. With little fanfare we are happy to have served our customers for 40 years and we will continue to strive to make our customers happy for another 40 years.

September 11, 2001 - A day that no one will ever forget. While causing devastation to our people, our property, and our economy, we stood strong and proud of our hero's. It may take all of us a little time to recover from this attack on America, but we are strong and we will survive. God Bless America!

In January 2002, Garry Sauls celebrated his 10th year of operating E & R. While the way business is done has changed dramatically in the last 40 years, we have tried to continually improve and stay current with technology. While many things have changed, our commitment to our customers is our #1 priority.

2008 - The Great Recession.  The years that followed were a struggle to say the least. As in other times in our 45+ years we were able to make the difficult adjustments of cutting back expenses and working fewer hours to ride through this recession. These are the times that make us stronger and remind us of our commitment to our employees and our customers.

December 26, 2010 – We are sorry to report the passing of the founder of E&R Machine. Eugene E. Sauls died after a short illness and will be sorely missed by all. For almost 50 years he kept us on a continuous path of growth and prosperity. He instilled in us the virtues that make us who we are today.
April 2011 – E&R celebrated 50 years in business with a party at a local restaurant. Many of our customers, employees, friends and family were in attendance. It was a great evening of reminiscing and laughter.
January 2012 – Garry Sauls celebrated 20 years at the helm of E&R. Wow where does the time go.
May 2013 – We announced the Grand Opening of Green Street Wellness Center & Spa. It is located in the back of the building that E&R occupies. It was a tenant office area that was converted into a Day Spa. The tenants there provide massages, skin care, acupuncture and other health/healing services.
December 2013 – To expand our capabilities we added three newer machining centers. This also expanded our capacity as well. Over the years we have tried to continually upgrade and improve our equipment to maintain our commitment to quality and our customers.
May 2015 – At the annual meeting of our Board of Directors, it was voted unanimously to make Timothy Sauls Vice-president and Christopher Sauls Secretary of the corporation. The elections are the foundation of making E&R Machine a three generation family owned and operated business.
November 2015 – We are said to report the passing of Robert Lindke. He was the other founder of E&R.
December 2015 – We added another new large capacity lathe to our facility. It will help us to increase the size of the parts we are machining.